Win a Trip to Bogotá With Your Pix of Roses

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by Jill Brooke

It’s #WorldWellnessWeek, a time to consider how you can improve your life with little acts of joyful intentions.

Wondering what to do this week? We have an idea.

Looking for something fun? Enjoyable? Calming?

Well, take time to both smell the roses – and take pictures of them.

Alexandra Farms, a boutique grower from Bogota that specializes in nostalgic, romantic, fresh-cut garden roses, is having a contest. This is also the team that produces many of David Austin’s most spectacular flowers.

Their third annual Garden Rose Design Contest invites professionals and every day flower lovers to share their best work using garden roses.

Whether it’s for wedding work or everyday design, submit a picture. Take a snap but have some fun composing your arrangement.

Think of the vase you use. Think of what flower friends the roses may enjoy whether it’s ranunculus or delphiniums. Think about color compatibilities as well as different textures.

Here’s a secret tip that I learned from my years on being on television as well as my work as a magazine editor. When you take pictures outside, do it early morning or right before dusk. The natural light is best then. Taking a picture at noon when the sun is the brightest will cause unwanted shadows.

For a little motivation and inspiration, we are going to show you an array of Alexandra Farms pictures where you see how experts have used their spectacular flowers in arrangements.

It’s just something fun that will also give you pleasure. And like the lottery – hey you never know.

Here are the deets:

There will be three winners: first, second and third place. All winners will be chosen through a public online vote in July 2020.

🍃The first-place winner will receive an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Alexandra Farms, where they will visit their fragrant, rose-filled greenhouses and the Colombian city of Bogotá.

🍃The second-place winner will receive 500 stems of garden roses.

🍃The third-place winner will receive 250 stems of garden roses.

Entries will be accepted through Saturday, June 28th.

Even if you don’t win, it will be a worthwhile exercise to improve your arranging skills. You will also have a souvenir of the experience. Or create a collage with the flowers after you submit your picture.

The rose has so much history and intrigue. It’s also the flower of the world, the national flower of the United States and the flower for the month of June. Plus it won’t be hard to find them. They are blooming gloriously all over and in floral shops around the country.

Photo Credits: Alexandra Farms
Photo 1
Designer and Photographer: Janne Ford, Garden Rose Varieties: Beatrice (Auslevity) and Constance (Austruss)

Photo 2
Designer: Alexander Doux, Garden Rose Variety: Catalina

Photo 3
Designer: Tobey Nelson, Garden Rose Varieties: Bridal Piano and Mariatheresia, Photographer: Suzanne Rothmeyer Photography

Photo 4
Designer: Katie Noonan, Garden Rose Varieties: Caramel Antike and Golden Mustard, Photographer: Ashley Ludaescher

Photo 5
Designer: Irina Snatenkova, Garden Rose Varieties: Mayra’s Rose, Princess Kishi, Mariatheresia, Mayra’s Bridal Pink and Tess (Ausyacht)

Photo 6
Designer: The Wild Gyp, Garden Rose Variety: Juliet (Ausjameson)

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