For Valentine’s Gift – Oscar Mora’s Orchid Flower Puzzles

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By Jill Brooke

Isn’t it true that love can be a puzzle that is hard to figure out?

Maybe along with sending flowers this year, give the gift of these gorgeous floral puzzles created by master florist Oscar Mora – whose artistry is coveted by the divine Beyonce, actress Debbie Mazar and so many other stylish peeps.

Check out how lush and enchanting these are!  And for you orchid lovers out there – Oscar Mora’s signature has always been his love of orchids. Can you name the orchids that he used in this puzzle?

Okay, here they are. Riri Phalaenopsis orchid, Sunrise Red Phalaenopsis, Burgandy Cymbidium. Joining them at the floral party are Noble Star Lily, Sexy Red Rose, Novia Red and Purple Carnations.

Actually. figuring out what orchids are in here is easier than figuring out the mysteries of love. Why it blooms and when. And how long it lasts. But having these puzzles based on Oscar Mora’s designs creates enduring love and your friends and loved ones will think it’s an original idea – which it is.

There are several versions – Romantic -1 and Tropicalia-1 – Jungle Chic that my friend made. All available at Oscar Mora Floral Art&Design. Love this idea, don’t you?

I always like gifts that last which is why this is such a fun idea. And we all need to spread the love this year. This could be an ideal gift for a friend, family or colleague without romantic overtones. Just a note that says, “My love for all you do endures.” Or another note could be, “Can you figure out all the ways I appreciate you?” Or something as simple as, “Since you love orchids, thought you would enjoy this.”

Mora is known for his sexy vibrant displays that often have lush greenery and always orchids. In fact, the award-winning Mora also created a pop-up floral installation for Fleursdevilles.

Of course, for Valentine’s Day, he will also be creating beautiful floral arrangements for his clients in both Miami and New York which offer a sexy exuberance.

“The puzzles seemed like something fun to do along with my flower arranging,” said Mora.

We couldn’t agree more.

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