Flower Power Daily’s Jill Brooke Wins 2023 AIFD Merit Award

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By Jill Brooke

Flowers have helped heal, inspire, charm, and beautify the human experience throughout history. This is why I love writing about floral artistry and cool historical facts.

What an honor I will treasure always to have received the 2023 Merit Award from AIFD– (American Institute of Floral Designers): the Harvard for any floral designer and think tank for floral innovation. I so love championing florists and showing how flowers intersect in news stories, pop culture, art, design, wellness, and psychology.

Aside from Flower Power Daily, other winners included Keith White. He has supervised the California Rose Bowl for decades.

What a reunion it was in Chicago since I also got to spend time with him while creating flowers at the 100th Anniversary of the American Horticultural Society gala in Virginia. The great Laura Dowling, the former White House florist, was also presenting at the week-long symposium.

Follow your passions- and you never know where it will lead. After all, flowers are never in a rush and bloom when they are ready.

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