Flower Motifs Sparkle at Salon Art + Design

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By Jill Brooke

The beautiful work of Damselfly Designs greets people visiting the Salon Art + Design 2022 show this weekend.

Pillowy dyed ruckus in a perky teal cascade along the pillar along with plump sensual pink roses. Taupe roses also blend into the mix that includes a side urn for a chic result. Since I am in charge of awarding great floral designers each year with the floral opportunity for this design mecca, Damselfly Designs is a perfect choice, and rocked it.

Salon presents the world’s best design – vintage, modern and contemporary – and features leading art and design galleries from all over the world. They spotlight the trends of collectible design.

Inside the galleries, Maison Gerard’s console with its highly sculptured steel rods serves to create opportunities for a gallery of floral vases, which is a huge hit. Designed by Jean-Luc le Mounier, the waves of the grey stone create a dreamy look that is modern but warm. The faceted surfaces of the Emiliano Celiz vases are also intriguing. The tall vase by Cristal Benito is intricately interesting too and filled with orange and yellow blooms. Maison Gerard is a master with accessorizing.

As Mitch Owens, the American editor of “The World of Interiors” remarked, “there’s always something new and interesting there.”  So true. The pairing of Anna Condo flower paintings above the Jean-Luc le Mounier console in an architectural arrangement adds to the spectacular effect.

We also love the spider chrysanthemum jeweled sculpture by Matthew Campbell Laurenza. What a great accessory. Plus the chrysanthemum is the flower for November.

Frederica Silvi’s onion lamp is also quite cool. Putting it on the mantle with a jeweled lilac branch is sultry and fun. And as we know, orchids are the chicest of accessories ever since Halston popularized them.

Over at the Friedman Benda gallery, we like the rose-inspired table by Brazilian design brothers Estudio Campana.

Chandeliers are also enLIGHTening. They are so trending now because a cool chandelier literally makes a statement that lights up the whole space.

The bold pink floral chandelier by British artist Jonathan Trayte is a piece that can literally create the ambiance for any room. It’s happy and modern.

Other floral-themed chandeliers and lamps we noticed are the following sparklers including one by the Finish designer Paavo Tynell.

The one below is from the Wexler Gallery. It’s a botanical chandelier with glass, brass and steel and leaf pendants. The artist is Andreea Avram Rusu and also has a butterfly feel too.

Amy Lau’s “The Beauty of Brutalism” shows how metal paintings can charm.

A showstopper is also at the David Gill gallery with this 24-carat gold leaf and acrylic on aluminum painting by Paul Morrison. Any color matches with this painting and it’s so exuberant, isn’t it?

All these designs truly are gold for  Salon Art + Design, which is produced by the talented Sanford L. Smith + Associates,  The popular show is at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City from November 10-14, 2022.

Jill Brooke is a former CNN correspondent, Post columnist and editor-in-chief of Avenue and Travel Savvy magazine. She is an author and the editorial director of FPD,  floral editor for Aspire Design and Home magazine and contributor to Florists Review magazine. 

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