Finalists for FTD World Cup Tackle Theme of “Roots”

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By Jill Brooke

With the theme of “Roots” and “Textures,” floral artists used their special talents at the AIFD 2022 event to win a slot at the FTD World Cup representing the United States.

Sustainability was a common inspiration talked about as what roots us not only together but makes us more resourceful and grateful in our everyday lives.

For example, Jenny Thomasson from Dr. Delphinium used tumbleweed from her native Dallas Texas while Chicago’s Adam Havrilla from Artistic Blooms interpreted the origin of what roots us together with a sci-fi dazzler.

Shelly Huynh from Worcester, Massachusetts also looked at roots with a science twist.

Jenna Sleeman kept it real and raw by using a tree as her source of inspiration with stripes of golden yellow and peach flowers. The lushness of this sculpture was inspired by her roots in Florida.

Laura Daluga from Michigan had rays of sunshine from above nourishing her creation that was delicate and lovely.

Jenna Naylor Temple from Bloom with Jenna in Grayson, Georgia used branches to illustrate the circle of life and created a dash of pink anthurium in the mix to complement the raspberry color wheel.

Samantha Bates from Especially For You in Louisiana created a sensual swirling gem and looked to “ginger root” to show how roots come in all shapes and sizes.

Overall the judges had such a hard time picking four semi-finalists which I will share with you shortly. But wanted you to enjoy all the talent. And then you can look forward to seeing the talents of florists plucking treasured flowers from all over the globe from for the FTD World Cup.


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