Doesn’t This Tulip Express What We Feel About 2020?

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By Jill Brooke
When you see this photo of a tulip, what do you think it conveys?
I giggled when I saw it because nature illustrates emotions and to the team at flowerpowerdaily, it says, “Please no more. I can’t take any more of this year and am so looking forward to something better in 2021. “
The photo was taken by the talented  Florida-based Jackie Kramer, whose work has also been a winner at the International Garden Photography of the Year (IGPOY) awards. – marking one of the few American wins. Although her photography includes weddings and portraits, her passion is for floral photography. In fact, she teaches individual and group workshops and connects to floral photographers from around the world on a Facebook group through her company Luvblooms.
Kramer calls this tulip photo her “Drama Queen.”  It’s as though the flower needs some smelling salts and the reed-thin leaf is covering the purple bloom’s face. At the same time, it’s also seductive as flowers can be.
Looking for photos to say goodbye to 2020 I also giggled upon seeing this other choice which is like a flower sticking out its tongue – and saying, bah humbug and good riddance.
The other firewood floret is “sending a message to the world,” laughs Kramer.
Sometimes you just want to say – leave me alone and get out of my way.
But then, of course, we recalibrate – often by taking a deep breath and focusing on the beauty around us especially through flowers.  After all, even when stepped or trampled on, flowers grow, trusting their inner beauty and resilience.
Although Kramer’s “Drama Queen,” does make a statement,  the majority of the photographer and teacher’s work is oh so hopeful and she also gave us these other options to usher us into 2021 with optimism and hope.
Notice how she uses the open space to illustrate the perfection and poise of the flowers standing at attention, dancing with abandon or moving us forward. Just like a flower’s seed, all growth comes from what seems like a hollowness and in fact is a field of intelligence and energy – and possibility.  Photographers understand that relationship and are the special messengers sharing floral wisdom while finding fulfillment through their art.
Kramer’s past experience working in Alaska and other remote places infuses her work with the understanding that nothingness and expansiveness is not inactive. It is reflective energy that stimulates and inspires.
Petal On.
Jill Brooke is a former CNN correspondent, Post columnist and editor-in-chief of Avenue and Travel Savvy magazine. She is an author and the editorial director of FPD.