Ten Ways to Truly Celebrate the Joy And Beauty Of Flowers

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Every day is a flower day for us. Here are some ideas to inspire you to think about utilizing flowers to make every day of your life better.

1. Give A Bouquet To Someone You Love

Perhaps include anemones because these flowers symbolize anticipation and are thought to bring luck and protect against evil. We are anticipating new beginnings, right?   Daffodils and daisies also represent rebirth and new beginnings. So put them in your bouquet and say this in a card (please hand write). “Here’s to new beginnings now that spring is here. May you have good luck this season.”  You could add some beautiful ranunculus, which convey the message that you are radiant with charm. Maybe it’s time to activate a relationship or seeing someone in a new way.

2.  Think Of Placing Flowers In Unexpected Places

I often use moss as a base underneath a dark cupboard to make it come alive. Then I put flowers on top of the moss. I also wrap containers in moss. Always use odd numbers for your main arrangements. Here I use three groups of daffodils. In between I added little pots. Changing the heights of flowers always make it more interesting. My kitchen table is right in front of this counter. If I put a vase of flower on the table, the whole scene has depth. When people enter the room, they are greeted by flowers. And it’s not expensive. I keep all kinds of pots and vases on hand.

3. Bring Out Some Spring Florals.

Here is a setting of mine where I updated basic white plates with the addition of pretty floral napkins. Interior designer Alex Papachristidis

from Everyday Elegance showcases this Pretty Purple setting on their site. Maybe it’s time to invest in floral plates. I have plates for every season.

Pretty Purple Flowers Everyday ElegancePretty Purple – Everyday-Elegance.com

Stocatto Everyday EleganceStocatto – Everyday-Elegance.com

4. Consider Changing Wallpaper Or Bedding

How about a floral print or consider buying a modern painting with botanical motifs, as Deborah Spiro Interiors did in these images.

5. Take A Child To A Nursery

Let them pick out some spring flowers for the window sill, patio, back yard or a friend’s place. Show them how to plant spring flowers and discover the magic of flowers.

6.  Go To A Museum Or An Outdoor Sculpture Garden

7.  Jewelry Is Also Inspired By Flowers

Wear a botanically inspired bracelet – here from Kate Spade – or look through stores for floral dresses and shirts, including those from Tory Burch.

Vintage Floral Fun

8.  Eat something inspired by flowers

Perhaps indulge in these beautiful cupcakes. Or drink a floral-infused wine or spirit.

Charlotte Neuville Flowers In Cups

9.  Florals Are Of Course Celebrated In Scented Products

perfumes, soaps, candles and bath gels. Take a lavender bath and relax. Think of all the fun things to do in spring. Put lavender sachets in your drawers to perfume your thoughts and clothes.

10. Last But Not Least, Go Outside To Experience Nature

Flowers are now awake and smiling with color.

Colorful Field of Flowers