Blue Hill’s Floral Tea Recipe in Honor of Tea-for-Two Day

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Blue Hill at Stone Barns is an enchanting destination restaurant voted one of the top restaurants in the world. Located in the Hudson Valley, it is both a gastronomic and educational mecca for those who love farm-to-table food and a bucolic dining experience. Chef Dan Barber is renowned for his ground-breaking dishes using fresh ingredients  – including flowers. 

The Barbers have given Flower Power a secret special recipe for a yummy floral tea.

Flower Tisane Blue Hill At Stone Barns Ingredients:
Equal Amounts of:
Chamomile flower
Thai basil flower
Pineapple sage flower 
Lemon verbena
Lemongrass stalk (smash the base of the stalk to release aroma) 
    1. Gather ingredients
    2. Place flowers in a tea pot
    3. Heat water to only 160° F to ensure you don’t burn the flowers and herbs
    4. Steep the flowers for 4 minutes, strain and serve
    5. You may re-steep the flowers up to 5 times

People love floral teas for the same reason they gravitate towards flowers – the aroma. It evokes feelings of springtime.

Did you know that there are more tea drinkers in the world than coffee drinkers? China and England have long cultural traditions of drinking tea instead of coffee and it’s becoming more popular in the United States as well. 

Today is Tea for Two Tuesday, which was established in 2016. It’s a day to encourage people to have a spot of tea with someone and we encourage doing it in the outdoors.

In fact, aside from this wonderful tea from Blue Hill at Stone Barns, why not experiment with other floral teas. Popular options include jasmine, rose, chamomile and hibiscus floral teas.

Or have a tea party using some of the beautiful porcelain floral cups from Lenox, Wedgewood, Bernardaud or even Pier One.

Lenox Garden Grove Teacup

Now it’s time to get this parTEA started or find time for some tranquiliTEA. 

Make life a celebration is our motto.  

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