Banchet’s Collection of Fabulous Seasonal Flower Bouquets

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Banchet-Floral Designs

Celebrities are attracted to Banchet Flowers like bees to honey. I remember a moment hearing the story of how a delighted Meryl Streep literally left the store in an armful of calla white lilies. Because whether you are a celebrity or mere moral, everyone loves flowers.

The success of an Oscar-winning actress means that she can have piles and piles of these exotic blooms that Banchet’s store specializes in importing.  But even one bloom from this store lasts longer than most and is always the most optimal color.

Inspired by a childhood in Thailand and the cultural energy of New York City, Banchet Jaigla has created a visual vocabulary that is so respected in the floral industry. Working with growers in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America provide her with a variety and quantity of flowers not found elsewhere in New York. The uniqueness of her style has won her world acclaim. With clients in the private sector as well as corporate, hotel, theatre, restaurant, fashion, and photography industries, her creative range is continuously expanding. And now her daughter Alexandra is working with her for the next generation.
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