American Grown Flower Farm Trips You Can Do Right Now

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By Tonnelli Grutner

Are you dreaming of an unforgettable travel experience?

Consider going to visit a flower farm.  Yes, this should be on your to-do list. For those who love flowers, it is a great pleasure to plan travels around the botanical wonders of the world and be surrounded by super beautiful and extravagant blooms. Yes, people dream about going to the Chelsea Flower Show or seeing ancient wisteria blossoms in Japan or the tulip fields in the Netherlands. But did you know there are world-class floral travel experiences right here at home in the USA? The folks at American Grown Flowers have devised a map of great tours now available to book and you should definitely make an effort to pursue this experience.  
Before we give you the deets, let us tell you a bit about Certified American Grown Flowers. Led by Camron King, it is a collective group of U.S. flower farmers who have devoted themselves to elevating awareness and appreciation for flowers grown in the USA. They have also lobbied Congress to have a bill so that American grown flowers are at federal events. As part of their mission to share their love of American grown flowers, they have launched the most incredible fundraiser for this field-to-vase dinner series.

 At a “Field to Vase” dinner,  guests are invited to experience an unforgettable meal that places seasonally locally sourced food, excellent company, thought-provoking entertainment, and above all else- American Grown Flowers at the center of the table. All tickets include deliciously curated menu items expertly prepared by local farm-to-table celebrity chefs. In celebration of American Grown Flowers, each dinner is held on-site, at a certified American grown flower farm, where guests can experience the wonder of growing the flowers and foliages they adore right at the source.

Now in its sixth year, the series kicked off this month in Carlsbad, CA taking place at the host farm “The Flower Fields. This debut dining experience will feature sweeping ocean views, acres of technicolor ranunculus, and lush floral arrangements by Shawna Yamamoto.
Organizers promise a one-of-a-kind experience that will be the envy of your flower friends!  Included in the meal visitors will meet. flower farmer Mike A. Mellano of Mellano & Company an iconic California-based flower farm and staple of the LA flower scene. While dining visitors will learn about his family’s flower farming history and partnerships he has built with other American Grown flower farmers like host farm, The Flower Fields, followed by a delicious chef fresh meal right in-field!
Future dates and locations for the “field to vase” dinner series include stops in 
Each location celebrates a different farm and the incredible flowers that come from its fields. Plan your trip and celebrate American Grown Flowers at
You will experience a farm-to-table dinner which also is a perfect Mother’s Day gift for flower lovers!
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