5 Amazing Photos of Lily Gathering in Vietnam Waters

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By Jill Brooke

A swirl of long-stemmed lilies is gathered lovingly at this time of year in Vietnam as the result of flooding that feeds the Mekong Delta.

These amazing aerial photos that I’m thrilled to share were taken by Trung Huy Pham.

The dark waters are such a lovely contrast to the pink and white colors of the flowers. So smart to take an aerial shot since the workers’ conical hats add color and cultural relevance to these photographs. And adds Trung Huy Pham, because of the pandemic, it makes “this year’s gathering special.”

Actually, here’s a fun fact. The white lilies only bloom at night and as a result, are called “ghost flowers.”

Trung, who is a Ho Chi Minh-based photographer, took other shots aside from the aerials that we are showcasing.

I love this one since it shows the delight of this woman gathering the lilies. For many, this annual harvest provides the farmers with extra income. They take the flowers in their boats and then sell them in a market.

Trung’s work not surprisingly has been featured in National Geographic and he has also won many awards including the Sony World Photo Awards.

Asked what is his favorite picture, he couldn’t pick one. After all, that’s like asking someone who is their favorite child. Instead, he replied, “My favorite shot is anything around my life.”

The local traditions he captures show the beauty of local landscapes as his creative eye finds nature as a muse.

And that sentiment should inspire us all. There is beauty outside your door if you just look for it.

Anyone who may want to buy one of these incredible shots can contact him at trunghuyp@gmail.com