Nature Smiles: Venice Waters Now More Blue With Less Human Activity

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By Jill Brooke

Nature may be smiling.

Finally a pause button on all the human activity with so much disregard for climate change and human impact on the environment.

Need evidence?

As our hearts are aching for those who live in Venice and are in lock-down, residents have reported a silver lining.

According to the Evening Standard, residents are spotting dolphins, swans and fish in newly clear canal waters after the city went quiet as coronavirus spread through Italy.

Amid the country-wide lockdown, Venetians have posted photos and videos of the animals.

One resident posted photos of dolphins enjoying the newly quiet waterways, writing: “Venice hasn’t seen clear canal water in a very long time. Dolphins showing up too. Nature just hit the reset button on us.”

The Standard piece also shared how the Space Academy tweeted a video of a canal showing water so clear the bottom of the canal could be seen.

Venice, which is one of the world’s most popular vacation sites, endured the worst flooding in over 50 years last November. This resulted in damage worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Plus Venice has the problem of a dwindling population.

For years, city officials have struggled with what to do with too much tourism. Perhaps now is the time after this horrible crisis passes to create new laws about tourism to protect Venice’s beauty and history.

Don’t you think this is really hopeful news? We at flowerpowerdaily believe that there will be lessons learned from this experience. Aside from an appreciation for medicine and doctors, nature will be respected and appreciated in a new way.

As Winston Churchill said, “a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Choose optimism, It feels better.


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