Decorate Your Home with Both Classic and Modern

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A flower arrangement just for you.

Doesn’t this first image evoke memories of a 17th-century Dutch painting with its use of tulips, anemones and the ivory lily? This work was crafted by Penny Karvounis and is so pretty and festive. Instead of greenery, she used a garnet-colored which adds more mystery.

And yet I can’t stop thinking about @dandelionfloralart Olena Tcaci’s work in the next image which has such a modern take on holiday flowers. Don’t you love how she wrapped the arrangement in light-colored vines vs. pine colored to soften the overall look.

Although red is symbolically the color of the holidays, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative and inventive.

Guess that’s the holidays for you. You want traditional but also want to look to the future too. Which one is your favorite?

It really is a time for reflection, rediscovery and rebounding.

Perhaps surround yourself with memories of the past with an eye towards the future.


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