Check Out Rishi: Talented Florist for Jennifer Gates’ Wedding

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By Jill Brooke

So who did Jennifer Gates’ wedding flowers at her wedding to fellow equestrian Nayal Nassar?

Here’s the scoop. Rishi Patel of HMR Designs was the lucky guy who was chosen to create a boho-chic but modern look for the 25-year-old medical student daughter of Bill and Melinda Gates.

Although clearly this family could afford a cascade of spectacular flowers from all corners of the earth, roses, ranunculus, lilies, jasmine or even fragrant gardenia, Jennifer chose to keep it to one prominent bloom.

White fanning delphiniums.

Patel had them draped from the ceiling in a circle like a ring of love. These Dutch beauties that were imported from the Netherlands also lined the aisle as she walked down in her lace floral Vera Wang dress and were breathtaking. Simple. Elegant. Impactful. Even the bouquets were like floral sparklers with one prominent wispy bloom.

But then again, Rishi, as we say at flowerpowerdaily, is the master of mono-dramatic. There’s an eye-popping drama that sparks universal smiles but at the same time is both cohesive and sublimely lovely.

Rishi studied business at Indiana University and not only runs the business of HMR Designs but oversees the creative projects. His work has included designing events for President Obama to Fortune 500 companies. And of course, he is sought after for weddings especially now since so many are tying the knot.  What we really appreciate about this proud Chicago native and father of two is that Rishi is generous in giving credit to his talented team for helping him collectively find solutions to any design need.

In interviews, Patel has advised using what he calls “mono-botanic.” Cute, right? But to make it work, he says, one has to use it in a “monochromatic (all one color) per vessel on a table looks extremely elegant and tailored.” However, why we call him the master of mono-dramatic is that many use a simple bloom – whether it be roses or orchids – and yes it can be called monochromatic – but it runs the risk of being too understated and boring. Possibly. repetitive. However, in his hands, the flowers are grouped together so they dance, with a fanning delphinium leaping in the air higher than another and creating a wave of choreographed delight. Boring it’s not. Dramatic it is.

For fall events, he also suggested to Insideweddings to find mismatched bowls in “silver, crystal, or gold and pile them with fruit, vegetables or herbs and accent them with a blossom from the arrangement you created.” Among the fruits and veggies to consider, especially for fall, use pomegranates, brown pears, artichokes and add pretty foliage leaves and tuck them in between the fruit. Of course, the coup de gras is adding a few of your favorite blooms. For this season, think of rich palettes, such as velvety lush flowers like black magic roses and Schwartzwalder calla lilies.

Good advice, right?

Here are some of his other creations you can enjoy and admire.

Jill Brooke is a former CNN correspondent, Post columnist and editor-in-chief of Avenue and Travel Savvy magazine. She is an author and the editorial director of FPD and floral editor for aspire design and home magazine

Photo Credit: Instagram

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